Why and Whale

We love getting mail in this house. Why and Whale is a monthly subscription box where you receive a surprise box of goodies every month! I entered my child’s gender, and his age (I chose Odin) and they selected which goodies to add to the box according to that information! (there are gender neutral options as well!)

I was pretty excited about what was inside! We got a package of Tegu magnetic blocks- they came in their own little felt case, and they are the perfect portable size, I keep them in my diaper bag and they’ve already come in handy when we are out to eat! We also got a jar of Tubby Todd ointment. I have seen Tubby Todd products around Instagram a lot, but hadn’t tried it myself yet. Let me tell you, a little goes a long way with this ointment, and that is amazing! Odin has very dry knees from crawling and scooting around, I apply this to him once a day and his dry skin has improved so much. We also got a little cardigan from Woodmouse&Thistle – I had not heard of this brand before, which is another reason these boxes are so awesome, you get familiar with brands you otherwise might not find out about. After checking them out online, I could see they make tons of really adorable clothes! I am excited to put the cardigan on Odin, he is going to look adorable, and it’s one of my favorite colors, a beautiful dark olive green!

The boxes range in price from $53.67 a month (6 month subscription), $56.67 (3 month subscription and their most popular) to $59.00 for month to month packages. These prices are great considering what is in the boxes, from what I have seen, the value of products given in boxes exceed the cost of the box. It’s definitely a fun monthly surprise for your kids and yourself!

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