LennyUp by Lenny Lamb


I always have loved baby wearing. It helps get things done around the house when you have a clingy baby (I have two of those..) as well as free up your hands for trips to the store or park, wherever! Especially when you have a toddler to chase around and a very heavy baby!

I have tried several different carriers, all have great features about them, but I can’t say enough great things about the LennyUp by Lenny Lamb. There are multiple ways to wear and buckle it. The pocket in the front it nice and big, it fits my wallet and my phone! The fabric is woven and sturdy, and gorgeous! They have so many amazing patterns and colors to chose from. My favorite part, though, is how padded the straps are. Odin is VERY heavy. With other carriers I couldn’t get him situated quite right, the straps were hurting me so much. One carrier even left broken blood vessels on my shoulders every time I went grocery shopping! The LennyUp has so much comfortable padding! These are not only made with the baby in mind, but the mom who is doing the hard work!

Out of all of the carriers I own, I highly recommend the LennyUp. I am a small person, only 4’11, and it works really well with that. Other carriers felt like they were made with taller people in mind. I think Odin also recommends the LennyUp! He seemed so comfortable and happy in there!

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