Wildbird Ring Sling

I’m going to start this post off a little differently.

Ring slings terrified me. I love baby wearing, I’ve always used soft structured carriers or wraps. When I looked at ring slings, I would have mini heart attacks thinking “Oh no. That baby is going to fall out of there!” I was SO skeptical! So many people were telling me I had to try one, and that it’s so easy and secure. So here is my honest opinion…

Learn how to use one of these correctly and you’re GOOD TO GO! I have no fear of Odin or Silas falling out because I watched the tutorials on Wildbird’s website to make sure I was doing it correctly and not messing ANYTHING up. I practiced above my bed (just in case) and I am so confident in using this sling!

Here are some more pro’s- it’s so easy once you get the hang of it. Odin is a 25 pound 8 month old. He’s a lot to lug around. Putting him in the sling when I would instead be carrying him, makes my life so much easier around the house and running errands. It’s quick, too! They’re also SO pretty! Seriously, go look on their website. They are gorgeous. It’s no wonder people end up collecting them!! (I know people with 15+ and have no signs of stopping their purchasing!) They also have different fabric options. Their website explains them all in depth, and what should work best for you. I went with a bamboo mix because they’re easier to break in, but I would probably get one of each if I could! (psst..maybe I will!) They are incredibly comfortable, distributing all the weight evenly. I was surprised about this!

The only con I can think of is that if you don’t learn how to properly use this, it can be dangerous, like any item for a baby. I highly recommend watching the tutorials and practicing before you’re comfortable!

Thank you for reading! If you have any other questions, email me or comment below!

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