Meal services are amazing. I don’t think it gets more convenient than getting food delivered to your door. Especially when it’s healthy and delicious food! I was so excited to try these meals out! I went online, chose the meals I wanted to try out of their huge selection, picked a date for delivery and they arrived to my house that day! The packaging is super insulated and has two huge ice packs so everything stayed nice and cold! The insulation is recycled denim, and the ice packs are water-soluble gel so they are very eco-conscious, which I appreciated!

Freshly meals are prepared fresh for you in single portions, so there is not preparing them yourself, and they pop right into your microwave, but aren’t frozen meals. These meals BLEW ME AWAY! I obviously didn’t expect them to be bad, but I didn’t expect restaurant quality meals, and that’s exactly what I got! And the portion size was just right! I had no left overs, but was full at the end of it.

All I keep thinking is how this is the PERFECT gift for a family bringing home a baby. Convenient, delicious food is so important for new parents. The answer is Freshly. They even have breakfast options! For $20 off your first 6 meal plan, use code dlvr639 < such an amazing deal!

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