Lily Jade *GIVEAWAY*

Diaper bags are obviously a must have. You need something to tote all your tiny human’s essentials around in when you’re out and about! Diaper bags have come a long way! We now have these luxury bags with tons of organizational pockets and space!

The Lily Jade (pictured is the Madeline in Brandy & Silver) is nothing short of absolute luxury! Ask anyone who has one! The bags come with an organizer that has plenty of pockets, and it can pop in and out! Transition from a diaper bag to a purse has never been easier! They are made from high quality leather and materials, so your dollar goes the distance, the bag will outlast the diaper bag years, and you’ll have a beautiful purse in its place! My favorite feature is the backpack feature. Lily Jade comes with a strap that you can attach to the back of the bag making it a back pack. My hands are always full with my boys, the back pack feature is a must! You can also attach the strap on the sides and carry like a messenger bag, or you can use the shorter double straps that are attached already and carry it on one shoulder. Versatility in motherhood is essential, thank you for so many options, Lily Jade!

I took a photo of everything I carry in my diaper bag, just to show you how the room in the bag, and the organizer goes a long way. I always have a few cloth diapers for Odin, they’re much bulkier than disposable diapers, so they take up the most space, but as you can see, there’s plenty of space for other essentials. I bring a change of clothes for myself, Silas and Odin, you NEVER know what’s going to happen, a;; three of you might end up needing a wardrobe change! My covered goods nursing scarf comes everywhere with me, I use it for a million different things, and it folds/rolls up nice and small. I also bring a travel pack of Tegu blocks (see Why and Whale post for details on those!) – they are great for entertainment at restaurants and such! Of course mom essentials my phone, wallet, chapstick, lotion, and hand sanitizer! ALL of that fits wonderfully in my bag, I can even squeeze my giant camera in there when I need to. This bag is love, and I highly recommend treating yourself to one!

In My Honest Mom Opinion + Lily Jade Giveaway 2018!

9 thoughts on “Lily Jade *GIVEAWAY*

  1. When you become mom, diaper bag is clearly necessity you should have. No matter how many kids you have without that you cant go anywhere because your lil monster needs so many things and u cant fit in your purse.

    Lily jade is the only brand that offering Purse plus diaper bag with three different style of holding it. For me that is the best feature because i tried different types of tote purse and diaper bag to fit my stuff but none of them i like to be perfect. Like in some purses, when you put all ur stuff and it becomes heavy then their holding straps are no more comfortable. While in case of diaper bag, it doesnt look classy if you go to parties or any family gathering then it looks awkward when you carry a bag (diaper bag) at that moment i want purse so I usually carry two things one my purse that has my personal belongings and one diaper bag before i found out lily jade.

    What important to me for a diaper bag that it has different way of holding like backpack style shoulder style and tote bag style and it doesnt look like diaper bag it look like purse and it has so many pockets to put everything organized and here it is lily jade offers everything. Complete for mom


    1. I absolutely 💕love 💕 Lily Jade bags. I have a three year old and I would love to have an all in one bag instead of carrying around a diaper backpack and my own purse. This bag would truly be a lifesaver!!


  2. I am a new mommy to be and would LOVE to start my motherhood journey off right with this gorgeous bag!! Please please pick me!


  3. My name is destinee and it has always been something I’ve dreamet of having. I would this diaper bag to great use for each and every day of each year. This bag can never go out of style . Please pick me


  4. I will be having my second baby this coming April, and the perfect diaper bag is still something I haven’t found yet. I’ve been following Lily Jade for quite a while, and they really do seem like excellent diaper bags. I love that they are make with high quality material and have long life and functionality. This really might be the perfect diaper bag.


  5. Dreaming of one day having a Lily Jade diaper bag!😍🎁✨
    I have toddler twins, a one year old and one on the way jan 10th!🙌 I would be more than grateful to be picked!😊


  6. Being a momma means stained clothes, messy bun hair, makeup smeared across our face & tons of bags to carry the essentials for our little ones. This bags serves as the perfect combination of storage for those whom can pass as the bag lady of overpackers but leave a hint of class to the rest of the “mom” look leaving a feel good vibe on a hardworking woman 💕 I would recommend the brand to any mom I know!


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