Recently we have gone through sickness after sickness in our house, not to mention Odin is teething (like usual!). Something that has helped us TREMENDOUSLY are these Wink Kids products! I learned about them through a woman named Brooke Warga, and she has been so helpful and knowledgeable with every product and every question I have had! I can’t say enough good things about them, especially when 2 am rolls around and Odin’s nose is so stuffed up and I rub some chest rub on him, put some teething gel on his little teeth coming through, and rub some lotion on his back until he falls back asleep!

These products have been very gentle but effective on my babies and myself! I love the chest rub, it smells great and isn’t thick/gooey like other rubs out there. It has natural ingredients and actually smells pretty fantastic! The teething gel is awesome, I put it on Odin’s bottom gums a few times a day, since that’s where his newest teeth are popping up! (How does this kid already have 7 teeth?!!?) Something Brooke taught me is that for extra relief, you can store it in the fridge! SUCH A GOOD IDEA! The lotion is perfect. Not greasy and not thick. Winter and dry air has done a number on all of our skin, so I apply this to the boys after baths to help moisturize¬†them and make them smell irresistable, I can’t stop cuddling them!

I highly recommend these, and other Wink products! Definitely check them out by reaching out to Brooke- she can answer any question you have, and set you up with products that will help with your lifestyle!

Find Wink Products Here

Brooke’s instagram account!



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