Do you ever hear of a product and think “This is way too good to be true..there’s no way it works that well!”? That’s honestly what I thought about the DockATot for a long time. My children have never been good sleepers, I haven’t had a full nights sleep in years, (yep, years.) so when I heard about the “magic” of the DockATot, I thought there’s no way this little sleeper can make a big difference. That’s where I was wrong!

Before the DockATot, Odin was up every single 2 hours to nurse. That might be okay for a newborn, but at 9 months old, I was getting desperate for a longer stretch of sleep. I would get so upset and over tired I would cry by 3am every morning! Everyone had suggestions, but one thing I heard a lot of was “Have you tried a DockATot?!”.  Everyone praised them, swore by them, said they worked like magic. Okay, fine. Let’s do this. I had high hopes and stalked my mailman. The day it came I was so excited, but anxious! Bedtime rolled around, I nursed Odin, he fell asleep, I put him in the DockATot and two hours later he woke up. I was devastated!!! What happened!?? I nursed him and he quickly fell back asleep, I laid him back down and felt really defeated. But wait…2 hours passed, 3 hours, 4 hours, just about 5 hours later he woke up to eat again. If you’re like me, and you’re used to waking up every single 2 hours, a 5 hour stretch of sleep is the most amazing feeling! I almost cried, but not because I was upset, because I was so happy!

He now has a sleep/wake schedule and only wakes up 2 times a night to eat, to some that’s still a lot, but to me, that is nothing compared to what we’ve been going through!

Another improvement in our lives since the DockATot came through our door is that I can lay Odin down in it and he gets himself comfortable and falls asleep on his own. No more strictly nursing to sleep. I never had that with Silas, he always nursed to sleep for over a year. Being able to put him down for naps and nuh-nights has changed my life.

We plan to move Odin into his own bedroom after his first birthday. We have a lot of company planning to come stay with us between now and then, and the only room we have available is his bedroom right now, so he’s got to wait! I think the transition into his crib will be SO much easier than our attempts with Silas, and I owe that to the DockATot. We will be able to move his comfy bed into his crib, it’ll feel and smell familiar, he’s used to sleeping in there already, I see no problem with moving him! I will update this post in a few months when we make the transition!



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