Lorena Canals Rugs

Since becoming a mom, I have wished everything in my life was machine washable..my mattress, my car, my dining room table, sometimes I wish I could just toss my whole self in the wash and come out a clean and put together human! Life isn’t always that easy. Something that has made mom life easier, and cleaner are Lorena Canals Rugs!

RUGS THAT CAN BE THROWN IN THE WASH. Too easy. And so cute. Go check them out, there’s one for every style and every room! (pictured grey ombre) If I could have my entire house covered in these rugs, I would. Much easier than constantly shampooing carpets, in my opinion!

The quality is amazing as well. These rugs will hold up through wash after wash. They’re so soft, the boys take naps on it all the time. They’re not itchy or hard like many other rugs. There are easy to follow instructions that come packaged with the rugs that insure the quality of your rugs will last and last. Shipping was super fast and efficient, I was SO excited to see my rug on my door step before I expected it to be!

I am recommending this to be on everyone’s baby registry from now on. They are the perfect addition to a nursery or play room, kids are a MESS and washable rugs are the easiest solution to cleaning up after the little tornadoes! Let them be little, let them play and make messes, and let the naked babies roam!

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