Gneiss Spice

I am an avid cooker. Pinterest recipes are my best friend, along with my trusty crock-pot. I love experimenting with new dinners and new tastes, which means trying different spices and spice combinations. One thing I do not like, is digging through my spice cabinet to find what I need, or to find that I have run out of something. So, I started debating on a spice rack, but I wanted a nice display that didn’t take up my whole counter. We also put our house on the market, so keeping it de-cluttered is a must. So now what? Well, I don’t want to put any holes in the walls, and being a military spouse and moving from house to house, I didn’t want to put holes in the walls of other temporary living situations either…hmm..what’s a girl to do!?

I found Gneiss Spice on Instagram. I fell in love. First of all, if you’ve seen my house, you’ve seen my hexagon shelves. I love hexagons. They are so aesthetically pleasing, and they remind me of bees, and I love bees! Gneiss Spice combines style and practicality! These adorable spice jars are magnetic, so you can stick them on any magnetic surface (I chose my fridge) which keeps those spices off your counter, and they’re hexagon shaped, so they all fit together so well and look amazing! I have gotten so many compliments on them!

Not only are these great for everyone’s kitchen, I find them especially wonderful as  military spouse. No holes in the walls, and they take up minimal space. A lot of times, military families end up in small living spaces, with not much room for storage. I’ve lived in several different houses with different layouts and some very small kitchens! They’re also ideal for keeping things organized while moving! I actually kept the box they were shipped in, and can easily pack that up and up pack it. We have two moves coming up in the next 8 months, that box is going to come in handy! They also add style to bland spaces. Most military housing kitchens (at least the ones I’ve seen) are pretty boring! Very plain and not much room for any decor. These add style to your living space, which is so important to me, moving to new places all the time you have to try to make it feel like “home” as much as possible! I am so thankful I came across these, it’s my new favorite thing in my kitchen!

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