Lily Jade – Anna Medium


It’s pretty obvious I have a strong love for Lily Jade diaper bags. They’re sleek, they’re modern, and they’re quality! These bags have been such a wonderful investment, not only do they hold up exceptionally well, looking just as beautiful as the day I got them, even with daily use, they also hold their value. They are made of premium grade leather made in New York, meaning no two bags are the same since they’re crafted with tumbled full grain leather, not made with a stamp like most other “high end” bags. The little details, like how they tuck the leather in on the handles instead of using that “edge paint” that cracks and wears off overtime means your Lily Jade bag will withstand YEARS of use- beyond baby years!

The Anna Medium bag (featured in this post) is AMAZING. I love how there are two separate areas, a front pocket and a back pocket. It makes organizing everyone’s things a breeze. I’ve never felt more put together while leaving the house! I personally keep diapers in the back with wipes and cream, and everything else in the front, like clothes, sanitizer, my wallet, toys, nursing cover, ect! We will be switching back to cloth diapering as soon as we move and settle into our new home, I have no doubt that I will still have enough room with the bulkier cloth diapers. I also have plenty of room for “extras” like tablets and other things I don’t carry with me daily! I use the very front pocket for snacks, and the side for sippy cups! Being that it’s a backpack, I have free hands – crucial for a mom of 3! It does have a cute strap that can clip on for an over-the-shoulder carry too, which makes it versatile!

I truly adore this bag! It’s made my life easier without sacrificing style and luxury.

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